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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas is a'comin'!

Looking out the window of my office and seeing a snow covered world (albeit one that probably won't last just yet), is really driving home the fact that Christmas is only about 2 1/2 weeks away! Does anyone else find that a bit crazy?

So if you're looking for some lovely gifts, I'd like to draw your attention to my website and order page. Please browse around, finish off your Christmas shopping in the comfort of your own home, and await a sweet smelling box of natural goodies to arrive at your door, ready for gift giving.

Gift baskets are great for the people you love (pick one of ours our email us to design one of your own), and soap and bath bombs make great stocking stuffers.

If you're in Canada, you've still got plenty of time to receive your order (I ship express post--two days guaranteed), but of course, the sooner the better. (If you're in the states...if you get your order in ASAP it should arrive on time, but if you wait more than a day or two, you might just be out of luck.)

Happy holidays to everyone!


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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Its been awhile...

Because I've been very busy.

I've vended at three shows in the past three weeks, and in between I've been scrambling around, unpacking, sorting, organizing, making stuff, labelling and repacking, among other things.

I'm totally behind on my books, my soap stock is running low, I'm clean out of some of my bath bombs....

But now I have four weeks till the next show. Three glorious weekends free. Then I vend at Cabbagetown (my last outdoor show of the year), and then I have about two months before the Christmas shows start.

I've been going back and forth about whether or not I should go to market these three weekends home, and I'll tell ya, the jury is still out. Part of me would love to have a few Saturdays all to myself, no show, no market, nothing. But another part of me really loves going to market. So far, I have definitely decided that I will not be attending this Saturdays market. Instead, Ahren and I will leave early to Gravenhurt, to go to a cottage for three nights with his parents. I'm very happy about that decision. We'll see what happens the other two weekends.

So I've just been to Hillside, Kempenfest and the Celtic Roots Festival, in that order. We just got home from the celtic fest, and I have to say that its been my favourite show all year. Its a wonderful festival, and if you ever get a chance to go, do. Its totally worth it. If I don't get in as a vendor next year, we will definitely be going as patrons.

A celtic fest booth shot:

I forgot to bring the camera to the other two shows, but it was basically the same. I'm liking it.

Now that I'm home for awhile, I'll be playing catch up with all the other things to do, both business and otherwise.

This morning, I made these:

Comfrey, plantain and calendula oils, set in the sun for six weeks, to eventually be made into body balms. (The comfrey and plantain were grown and harvested by us.)

On the right is one jar out of three that I strained and bottled this morning--beautiful st. john's wort flower oil. Ahren harvested the flowers for me from plants growing wild at the black shire. The flowers have to be used fresh, so as soon as he got home, I packed them in jars and poured extra virgin olive oil over them. About a month or so later, they are finished, having turned a gorgeous red colour. Definitely my favourite oil to make, because it is just so beautiful.

I'm going to spend the rest of the day painting the trim in our new office, so we can move up there and start our living room reno (we need to get the wood stove in before winter).

Enjoy this beautiful summer--its going to be gone before we know it!


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mariposa Folk Fest

Its Tuesday, around lunch, and I am into day two of recovery from the Mariposa Folk Fest, where I vended this weekend. Yesterday was intensive personal recovery, spent knitting, reading, and doing some very low key hanging out on the porch with neighbours. (I also got a little gardening done, too.)

Today is theoretically the day where I recover the house from disaster. You know, clean the kitchen, the bathroom, my room, and do a few little work things (like writing a blog entry, and sending off a show application). A good portion of the day is also spent knitting, reading and relaxing.

Tomorrow, if all goes according to plan, I should be working again. It is the "ease myself back into work after an exhausting but good weekend" plan. So far today, though, I've not done much cleaning or other house recovery, and its not seeming to appealing. So we'll see....

So the weekend was really good. Good sales, good people, and I loved my booth display. Here it is for you to see:

With the lovely Ahren, manning the booth. Notice the lack of walls, due to the extremely lovely weather we had.

I'm really happy with the display; I feel like I've finally found it.

I also got some very beautiful stuff from some of the other artisans (a necklace, some decorative glass things, a painting), and bought some new cds, including a cd each of Sunparlour Players and Chakidor, whom I say do a workshop together that was absolutely amazing--seriously some of the best live music I've ever seen.

So a good weekend, all in all. My next show is the Hillside Festival, July 28-30. Its my fave fest, and I'm looking forward to it.

Hope everyones well, and enjoying the summer.


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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Finally Finished (almost).

Yay! I'm so excited. The website pages are finally finished (well, almost. Ignore the wholesale page. It will be finished soon. If you're interested in carrying Sacred Circle Herbs products in your store, please contact us).

Okay, theres still some other work to do, text that needs to be written and whatnot, and of course, I'll really probably never be done. (Because changes will be ever present.) But this last batch of changes is done. Yay!

In case you've forgot, last Friday the computer yet again kicked my arse, but thanks to Sandy, I got back on track, and here I am, in my new, happy site stage. Lots of new photos, a workshops page that lists all the upcoming workshops (starting in October--there are no workshops in the summer), and new backgrounds for the pages. I am finally happy with the site. (It has been a long journey to come to that point.)

Now I'm going to go get off the computer and start trimming and labeling the endless stacks of soap.


Oh yes, I just realised that I have yet to credit it on the site, but all the product photos were taken by the lovely and talented Karolina Kuras. If you need photos, I highly recommend her. (And you should check out her site. Her portfolio is beautiful.)

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Photos are up...mostly.

Well, I'm excited and pleased to say that I have spent the whole day in front of this computer, and have managed to get almost all the new photos up on the site, not to mention doing a whole bunch of other stuff (like changing the background, which I'm really excited about).

However, the excitement is somewhat dampened by the fact that, three pages from being finished, I tried to publish a page and the program told me: "Not enough disk space on the server. Please contact your administrator". What the hell does that mean? Does anyone know? (Randy, I'm thinking of you.)

Then it proceded to make it impossible to edit any page that I clicked on, so I can't even work on drafts. Once again, the computer has kicked my arse.

In other news, I think this computer might be again succumbing to a virus. Our computer just crashed (because of viruses) in February, after a long life of five years (and we bought it used). This is a brand new computer, already showing signs of illness. And of course, I'm loathe to take it to the shop, because it costs money (which is always in short supply around here), and its a bit of a pain. I know this is the wrong attitude to have, and hopefully the computer will actually get to the hospital before it dies. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

So the computer successes are balanced with the myriad computer failures. I think, perhaps, that its time for me to get off for the day.

Have a good weekend.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Georgetown Ho!

I spent this past Friday and Saturday (two very long days), at the Georgetown Village Festival. I won't say much, except sales were fine, and I was right beside my friend Naomi, which enabled a new booth design:

As you can see, we didn't put up our centre walls, so we had one big booth space, and we got to talk, hang out, and watch each others stuff if one of us had to go to the bathroom or get food or just get out of the booth.

We also both did corner boothes, since there was no one on either side of us. This was new for me, but I loved it:

I really enjoyed the openess of the booth, as well as the added display space.

Other than that, the fest was a bit of a bomb. Really hot, bad music (sorry, don't mean to be critical, but you'd say the same thing if you heard "The ants go marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah", or "Dem Bones", or "Superman....Super duper man....Hes a trouper man....super dupper man" over and over and over for two days straight.

So while I'm happy with the sales (although they weren't as good as I'd hoped they'd be), it was a bit soul crushing, and I'm glad its over.

Now I have two weekends free (although I will be back at the Guelph Farmers Market) before my next show, the Mariposa Folk Festival. I'm excited (both for the fest and the time off).


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Photos have arrived!

Yay! My new products photos, taken by the lovely and talented Karolina Kuras, have now arrived!

They will slowly be making there way onto the website (slowly because it takes me forever using the web editing program I use and its also show season, meaning less time in front of the computer and more in the kitchen). They have already arrived on the mum and baby page.

Busy times ahead. I can feel it.